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Excess/Unwanted stock

We already Have many breeders on our Portfolio, we get Excess Chicks, ducklings and quail Chicks that would otherwise be culled to discard or be frozen for feed. We also get Quails and chicken eggs, that other wise would be discarded for being in excess to weekly orders. Contact us.


Contact us

If you are a breeder and you have hens/rabbits/ducks/guinea pigs/geese/turkeys/cockerels/quails, unwanted chicks, equipment, consumables at end of date,  to be cleared out , or donations in kind, (surplus to requirements, land we can borow etc), please contact us.


For life stock is always better to give them a chance to live than to terminate them because they are not required.


We can issue certificates of compassionate rehoming slaughter/discard  to breeders interested in the idea of it.