Next Auction - 14 April 2019

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Spent LiveStock

Livestock for Soil, Field, Orchard Maitenance

We can provide farmers with flocks of Large Fowl to Maintain Soil,

Field or Organic Orchards Contact us.


If you are a farmer and you have "spent" hens/rabbits/ducks/guinea pigs/geese/turkeys/cockerels/quails, unwanted chicks, equipment, consumables at end of date,  to be cleared out , or donations in kind, (surplus to requirements, land we can borow etc), please contact us.


For life stock at the end of their commercial life we pay better than the slaughter house, and the animals get to experience life as a pet before departing, a well deserved retirement package.


We can issue certificates of compassionate deserved retirement instead of slaughter  to farms interested on the idea of it.