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Auction Rules

We are fully licensed!


License can be consulted at the auction or by downloading it here:




What can be auctioned?


  • Chicks of any breed/species:  Must be off heat and fully feathered. except for ducklings.

  • Cockerels:  We will accept only one single cockerel entry per registered Seller; otherwise cockerels should be sold with a hen as a Pair or two hens as a Trio etc. Absolutely no more than one cockerel per box. 

  • SEFFA can take in any unwanted cockerels, so you may bring them boxed and register any excess cockerels under SEFFA

  • Water Fowl such as Geese, Ducks etc

  • Game such as English game, Pheasants, Quail, partridges etc.

  • Ornamental Birds such as Peacocks etc

  • Aviary/Caged Birds such as Canaries, Parrots, Pigeons, Doves etc

  • Hatching eggs etc.  All eggs are sold as hatching eggs, presumed to be fertile.  No guarantee is placed on eggs by SEFFA and we will not be held responsible for eggs that fail to hatch.

  • Small Pets: eg. Rabbits/ Hamsters/ Guinea Pigs/Ferrets/chinchilas/gerbil/rats etc...

  • Other poultry, game, or small pet related items: e.g. feeders/drinkers/heat lamps/incubators. These have to be as clean as possible to avoid any cross contamination.  Electrical items must be considered untested; SEFFA cannot be held responsible for electrical items which are found not to be in working order.

  • Animal Housing pertaining to any of the allowed species. These have to be as clean as possible to avoid any cross contamination.

  • Dogs & Cats are NOT permitted at our auctions. We encourage if you are looking for these animals please visit a shelter (eg. Dogs Trust, etc) and adopt.


Animal Health


Ensure all animals are healthy. Any animals which the Auction Staff consider unhealthy or are uncertain about will be refused entry into the Auction and must be removed by the Seller immediately.  If it is deemed necessary to call a vet out to deal with a sick animal, the owner of that animal at the time will be responsible for the vet’s fees. Some ailments may be allowed, (at Host's Discretion),  if fully described so buyers can make  informed decisions. 

Please note that some times  animals are not sick but displaying signs of stress for having to travel, spend day in a box with little food and little water and comotion. (not the usual).

SEFFA cannot be held responsible for animals that are or fall sick during and after the auction, after animal has gone through SEFFA's health check point, it will be up to the buyer to triple check what they are buying or ask a member of staff when not familiar with it and in doubt.




  • SEFFA  will always have empty boxes for your convenience, however a minimum donation of 50p per box is required.

  • Boxes or crates should be large enough for the animals to stand upright and to move about in.

  • The box you bring your animals in will be the box the buyer takes them home in so please ensure you bring your animals in boxes/crates/cages you do not want.

  • Boxes should ideally have a mesh/wire front/top to enable prospective Buyers and Auction Staff to see what is inside.  (Remember if buyers cannot see they are less likely to buy.)

  • Ensure that you have provided a plastic cups for water and food in the box. DO NOT FILL UP THE WATER CUP, staff at the auction will do that for you, this to avoid spilage in transit and damage to boxes as a result.  It is the owner’s responsibility at the time to ensure all animals have access to food and water throughout the auction. Plastic cups can be dispensed for a minimum donation 10p each from the front desk.

  • A note should be affixed to the box with a description of what is inside identifying the breed, age, sex and other information which may be helpful to a prospective Buyer and the Auctioneer, any defects and/or ailments should be disclose on that note too. If this is not done previous to arrival you will still be required to do it at the cost of holding up the queue.


*If you wish to make your own box/crate, please visit our Tutorial Page here for guidance.


Sellers and Buyers


  • Buyers & Sellers should download a registration form here in order to avoid delays, whenever possible. Sellers forms have the space to fill in the sellers lots, be as specific as possible as that wil helpp to sell your lots.

  • Sellers must confirm their registration at the front desk on arrival to receive a numbered seller/Buyer’s paddle. You will need to show this to the Auctioneer after entry and also to Auction Staff at the door when you are leaving if you have unsold lots/bought lots to collect. (at the door you will need to show your invoice). Your Seller number will help us to identify you to ensure that no-one else leaves with your lots. Sellers need to know that at the end an unsold list will be published and buyers can still buy them then, if you remove your lots before that you will loose on a possible sale.

  • Buyers must register at the front desk on arrival if they wish to take part in the auction.  You are under no obligation to bid just because you have registered.

  • Buyer and Seller contact details will be kept for a minimum period of 3 months in accordance with DEFRA rules.  We may use email addresses to keep you updated with news of further auctions.  If you do not wish to be emailed please inform the auction assistant when registering.

  • For winning bids, commission of 10% will be added to both the Buyer’s and Seller’s receipts.

  • Winning bids must be paid for in cash, exceptionally by paypal or instant bank transfer. 

  • Sellers can be paid out in cash and can be paid as soon as they wish after their lots have been auctioned. Please be patient while receipts are prepared at the end of the auction.  Alternatively, funds due can be paid directly into a Seller’s bank account provided bank details (account name, account number and sort code) have been previously submitted. Bank details will not be retained.  Sellers can be also paid by paypal. Funds will be transferred to accounts on the TUESDAY following the auction and a copy of the Seller’s invoice will also be mailed/emailed to you.


The Auction


  • The Seller will need to have their registration form ready with their addle number on it, (should be obtained from front desk).  The Seller will need to fill in any reserve price he wishes to place, as well as cage included or not, if cage is not included, seller needs to provide a box for transport at the end, SEFFA has boxes available for a minimum of 50p donation.  This will be entered on the auction sheet.  Your lots will be given numbers.  First to arrive will have the first lot numbers and so on.

  • Buyers should ensure they raise their Buyer number above their head in order for the Auctioneer to see them.  If the Auctioneer does not see your Buyer number then you may miss out on a winning bid.  The fall of the Auctioneer’s hammer constitutes a sale to the winning bidder.  The winning bidder’s Buyer Number and winning bid will be marked on the auction sheet against the appropriate lot number.

  • At the end of the auction Buyers should form an orderly queue as they wait to pay for their new purchases.  Payment will only be accepted in cash. (exceptionally by paypal or instant bank transfer).  Buyers will be given a dated invoice; this will be given to a Porter at the door who will collect your winning lots for you.  Under no circumstances must Buyers or sellers collect their own lots.  Your receipt and boxes will be ticked as you leave with each lot.

Sellers with unsold lots to collect, and buyers will have their invoice  given to a  Porter who will check their Paddle N. and Invoice and collect the bougth/unsold items for them.  Sellers must NOT collect unsold items themselves.




  • South Essex Feather & Fur Auctions (“SEFFA”) is family run, alongside our volunteers. SEFFA will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies of the items in the Auction, nor will we be responsible for hatching eggs that are not fertile, or any electrical item which later is found to be faulty. Animal Health will be checked before lots entries and any clearly visible sick animals will be refused entry. SEFFA reserves the right to supply buyers with sellers details if animal is found to be sick. This will only apply on the immediate 2 days after the auction. Under no circumstance is SEFFA to be held responsible for any ill animal bought at the auction.  Prospective Buyers must ensure they are satisfied with any lot they wish to bid on including the description and health of any livestock.

  • Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated at the Auction.  Anybody causing a nuisance of any kind may be asked to leave the premises. That includes any cruelty in handling animals at the end of the Auction.  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT  OF ADMISSION. In cases where management fails to get user to comply Police will be called.

  • Strictly no car park dealing.  Culling of any livestock is not permitted in the car park of the auction hall. Handling of animals out the boxes can not be done at the car park by hall entrance. Any leftover boxes should be taken to the back by the Black Bins, boxes should be crushed.

  • The amount of lots we can reasonably fit into the Auction Hall will be in the region of 250.  Unfortunately, if you arrive late and we are full, then be aware that you may not be able to enter your lots.  

  • Prospective Buyers arriving after 11am (when the Auction has started) will not be able to walk around and view the lots -  they can request to be escorted by the Host. the area will be closed during the Auction.



If you have any queries please be sure to contact us on and we will get back to you promptly.


Thank you