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Amitraz 12.5%-Bath to eliminate Red Mite-scaly leg-parasite-Chicken-fowl-birds-rodent


Amitraz 12.5%      

in bottle of 3ml

to be used in fowl, birds, and small mammals.
to eliminate fur, depluming, red Mites, scaly leg and other parasites, such as fleas/lice in chickens and rabbits.

solution to be made with 2 drops per l. of lukewarm water.
only to be used in warm months, animal to be deepened only up to neck no contact with eyes, mouth and ears. for scaly leg in chickens only deep legs.

Gloves to be worn when handling product.

Very strong smell, if wished mask can be used.

to eradicate infestation only

not to be used in cats or dogs.