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Rubber-Poultry-Pigeon-Quail-Button Quail-Duck-Chicken-Chick-Leg Rings-12 colours



Rubber bands

from 2mm to 16mm
(PLEASE NOTE: See Pictures these are rubber bands only, nothing fancy, we just use it ourselves and though we would make it available to others, when not happy please return for refund do not leave adverse feedback before you make contact. Thank you)

one size fits all

Quantities are on the double because adult or larger animals take 2 instead of one.

you cane have it in packs of:
in 12 different colours, (tones may vary from screen)

You will receive the amount in brackets of Rubber Leg Rings in random colours, (always a pair number e.g. 2;4;8;10 etc), unless you text uson 07904633063 and tell us about the colours you want.  there is:
Black; White; Lilac; Purple; Light Blue; Dark Blue; Light Green; Dark Green; Pink; Yelow; Orange & Red.

These will fit from a tiny Button Quail Chick right Up to a Turkey
Larger animals use 2 or more rings according to the visibility the owner requires.
Smaller animals take one ring with 2 or 4 turns. (twist and turn, twist and turn, like a pony tail)

we were having some trouble with keeping up all the sizes for the different chicks, and then change it at the right time before it started hurting the animal, it was  insane, we weren't  happy with any thing we tried, until we found these to be great.

(the pictures are of a normal size 15 day old chick, down to a White Japanese Quail Chick at 17 day old chick, being the last a button quail chick at 17 days old.)

DISCLAIMER:  Please note when using on growing animals you need to check it regularly for tightness as it will strangulate the leg eventually drying the foot or even killing the animal due to lack of circulation.