Next Auction - 14 April 2019

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Why Donation

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We have been asked why do we ask for such a high minimum donation.


You may think most ex commercial hen's rescues ask for half the donation we do, and some of you will be aware that farmer at slaughter house will get up to 25p per head for the meat industry, (hence them selling to organisations like us, who pay better in order to save as many girls as we can), some of you will even argue that if you go to livestock Auctions you will pay up to 50p £1.00 per hen.

All the above is true.


However British Hen Welfare Trust also asks £5 donation per Hen, that is because unlike other organisations/charities they hold the hens, so they have to feed them, house them , clean them, take them to the VET etc.


The same happens with us, as we rehome Cockerels, chicks, chickens, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.

So we also need to raise funds to be able to pay for all logistics involved in collecting the girls, feeding any animals that we hold, paying vets fees etc.

As an example, although we have special rates with the VET, for a little 8 week old Rabbit that was sick, (and we were unable to save), and a quail with an inflamed eye, consultation and medicines still amounted to £77.


So here you have, the reason why we ask for a larger donation per bird.


Aside from the minimum donation asked per hen.


We appreciate all donations in money or kind.


We also happy for people who prefer to send money directly to our VET or food supplier into SEFFA's account. (details upon request)


We are happy to do clear outs of unwanted animals and their housing etc. we do this for free but donations are welcome.


If you need a Hutch, or coop

always ask us, we often have many to choose from. The same applies to any of the animals we rehome, please contact us 1st before going through the pet shops.


If you want to give home to some of this Ex-commercial girls, so they start by having a special December with their new family instead of the slaughter house, then please get in touch.